About Free Phase Diving

Free Phase Diving was founded in 2011 by two technical divers who could not find the software they needed to support their diving.  Focusing on the Reduced Gradient Bubble Model (RGBM), Free Phase is working to bring modern, tested algorithms to the market without internal simplifications or extra conservatism.  Learn more about RGBM on our technical information page.

Brian McMillan: Brian has degrees in both Computer Science and Operations research, has over 30 years of software development and technology leadership  experience, is a NAUI Instructor Trainer, NAUI/TDI Trimix Instructor, and is a PADI, SDI, and TDI Instructor. He has been using RGBM as a technical diver since 2001.

Matt Boone:  Matt has a degree in Computer Engineering, and 20 years of professional hardware and software experience, including design, implementation, and management. Diving with RGBM since 2003, Matt now holds cards for Trimix and closed-circuit rebreathers from NAUI and IANTD.